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Organic farming in Andalucia. © Michelle Chaplow
Organic farming in Andalucia.

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In recent years, with the increased awareness of global warming and general health issues, many people seek more than a break simply including some form of alternative health angle. More and more people want to experience a truly organic holiday. This can entail a relaxing break eating in natural surroundings, eating organic food and breathing in fresh unpolluted air. It can also include a certain level of participation in sowing, tending and harvesting crops. Some places offer accommodation in exchange for a certain number of hours of work on the land.

Many Europeans and Americans have travelled around the globe in search of an organic holiday destinations, many of them keen to learn the basics of producing health giving produce, while escaping the stresses of the urban lifestyle. Others simply want to relax and enjoy tranquil surroundings with the chance to benefit from organic produce as part of a calm and enjoyable holiday without the frills and veneer of modern life.



Although the coastal areas have undergone massive development and expansion in many parts of southern Spain, there are still many unspoiled areas that have attracted groups of holistic and organically minded people. There are an increasing number or organic farms and centres where the use of chemicals is discouraged and irrigation systems are carefully monitored. Many of these places also favour solar heating systems and this generally works very well in Andalusia. So there are many opportunities in Andalusia to spend time at a guesthouse or on a farm, with organic produce. Due to the wonderful climate and many hours of sunshine, the variety of crops that grow successfully is infinite. From citrus orchards to olive groves, with herbs and much more in between, Andalusia offers an excellent opportunity to experience organic farming first hand or to relax and enjoy the natural benefits of natural produce and good health.

In Andalusia, there are many holistic minded people offering organic accommodation in some of the most beautiful corners of the coast and countryside in provinces including; Málaga, Cadiz, Granada and Almería. Since organic food depends on weather and many other factors for successful crops, it is recommended that you check on availability of the type of organic produce at the time of booking. The superb Andalusian climate offers an excellent variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables the whole year round, making it a wise choice for an organic holiday destination.

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