Malaga - Carratraca

Along the cobbled streets of Carratraca © Michelle Chaplow
Along the cobbled streets of Carratraca

If taking the waters appeals to you, Carratraca is the place for you. A country drive through olive and almond groves, past the white village of Alora, its whitewashed houses spread over three hills below the impressive ramparts of Alora Castle. Continue on to Ardales, El Chorro lakes and Teba.

Carratraca, known as the Diamond of Malaga, has been famous for its sulphur water spas since Roman times. In its heyday in the 19th century, when taking the waters was the height of fashionable travel, this spa attracted such famous visitors as Lord Byron and Empress Marie Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The baths are open from June 15th - October 15th every year. A complete day's treatment costs around 120 euros.

Today the spa at Carratraca has been renovated and world class facilities await visitors to the area. For more information, visit our page about the Spa at Carratraca.

Carratraca is also famous for its Easter passion play performed in the bullring by about 140 villagers on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. For a relaxing drink or meal, visit the charming, slightly dilapidated, romantic old hotel, Hostal del Principe, located in the town. Converted from an inn which King Fernando VII of Spain ordered to be built for himself and his retinue in 1830. It has its own connecting corridor leading directly to the baths.

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