Beaches - Sharks


There are only very occasional reports of a shark sighting off the Malaga coast.  

Juan Jesus Martin, a biologist from the Aula del Mar museum in Malaga confirmed that there are 20 species of shark in the Alboran Sea. This is the name for the part of the Mediterranean sea offshore Malaga. These sharks normally never come to the coast nor near humans. However when they do come near the coast is when they are injured or ill. Very occasionally, a blue shark comes to surface. So far there has never been an attack registered on Costa del Sol.

There have been about 60 attacks registered in the whole of Spanish mainland and islands including Canaries in the last 100 years.  

There was an attack on a windsurfer off Tarifa in the Atlantic in March 1986 and a shark bit the hand of a bather off Costa Blanca in 2016.  

There are white sharks or tiger sharks in the Strait of Gibraltar. These were thought not to exist in the Alboran Sea until one was fished off Manilva in 1991.  



The video above was taken in Fuengirola in May 2015.  

In the height of the summer season with the beaches and sea full one Sunday 21st August 2016 in Fuengirola, 3km of beach were closed for several hours. The red flag was raised and the lifeguards instructed everybody out of the water. The alarm had been raised after a shark sighting by lifeguards on an off-shore play centre.   

La Linea beach was also closed after a shark sighting on 10th August 2017.

Statistically the chances of there being an attacked on any one day on a 100m stretch of Andalucía beach are about one in 100 million. If the beach is crowded the odds of any one bather being attacked reduce considerably further.