Books - Mediterranean Garden Plants

Think Spain, think Bougainvilleas © Michelle Chaplow
The Beautiful Bougainvillea © Michelle Chaplow

Books - Mediterranean Garden Plants

by Lorraine Cavanagh the so-called bible for those gardening in Mediterranean climes!

It covers over 350 of the best plants for our climate - ones that will work with you helping to form that Mediterranean garden of your dreams.

Lorraine arrived in Andalucia over 25 years ago and may be known by many of you for her specialist plant nursery near Cómpeta and her writings in many publications within Spain. This was the book that she was writing in her head over many years, based on clients' doubts and queries about local plants.

A chunky pocket-sized book with a wipe-clean cover, it is ideal to tuck in the car and take to the local garden centre with you. The format of the book is super-simple, a straightforward A-Z of plants, with each plant having a double page entry and half-page colour photo to help with identification. There is a 'Habit and Cultivation' box giving concise details of the plant and conditions it requires, plus any special features such as scent, toxicity etc. The opposite page gives more detail with advice on pruning, propagation and any particular problems likely to be encountered with that plant. There are no confusing symbols; it's all laid out there, clear and simple. To make things even easier for you, there is a full Latin index as well as common English and common Spanish names. And - even more - at the back of the book you'll find the Plant Cross Reference, very useful when looking for a plant for a specific site. All in all, over 650 pages.

Lorraine Cavanagh is an expert in Mediterranean plants and the Author of the book, Mediterranean Garden Plants 




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