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Blood Wedding

Author:  P.J. Brooke
ISBN: 9781849016292
Publisher: Constable and Robinson
Date First Published:  29/07/2010

Sub-inspector Max Romero is asked to help investigate the death of Leila, a beautiful Muslim postgraduate student, researching the impacts of the Spanish Civil War on Max's home village in the Sierra Nevada. The prime suspect, Hassan, has links to a supposed terrorist group but the police's insensitive handling of the case leads to his tragic suicide. As a result, Max gets co-opted into the anti-terrorist operation based in Granada, which is destined to go terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Max's fascinating family, headed by his charismatic grandmother Paula, loom large in the gathering events, while shadows from the Spanish Civil War crowd in to influence the present. The story moves from the ancient cobbled streets of Granada to the sultry mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Over it all hovers the mesmerising but tragic beauty of the city of Granada.

About the Author: 

P J Brooke is the amalgam of a husband and wife writing team, Philip O'Brien and Jane Brooke. After a brief spell at the Foreign Office Philip taught Latin American studies at Glasgow University. He then moved to Latin America and witnessed some of its most dramatic moments: the Allende government and Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile, the cocaine wars in Columbia and the Chavez revolution in Venezuela. On his return to the UK he stood as a parliamentary candidate for the Scottish Green Party and was a member of the Scottish Constitutional Convention, which led to the formation of the Scottish Parliament. Jane Brooke trained as a historian and social scientist, and worked as an urban planner and then policy advisor in Scottish local government. She is active in Green issues. Phil and Jane live part of the year in the old Moorish district, the Albayzin, in Granada, which is where the Inspector Max Romero novels are set. Blood Wedding is the first in the series.