Books - Common Wildflowers of Spain



Common Wildflowers of Spain

Author:  Austen Colwell
ISBN:  978-84-89954-72-4
Publisher:  Santana Books

Few places in the world have such a diversity of wildflowers as the Iberian peninsular and Santana's beautifully produced new guide Common Wildflowers of Spain testifies well to that fact.

Author Austen Colwell has built on his weekly wildflowers feature in "Sur in English" to put together a guide of value to both the casual observer, with no scientific knowledge, and the keen botanist.

Features include:

  • Precise descriptions of more than 300 flowers.
  • Colour illustrations of each to afford on-the-spot comparison.
  • A glossary of plant parts.
  • A list of English, Spanish and Latin names.


This is a guide to accompany the traveller who wants to get maximum enjoyment from Spain's natural wonders. He will be additionally entertained by the anecdotal nature of the entries and touched by the author's intense affection for his subject.