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Don Quixote DE LA MANCHA

Author:  Miguel de Cervantes
ISBN:  978-84-89954-44-1
Publisher:  Santana Books

Acclaimed as one of the greatest literary works of all time Don Quixote has delighted generations of readers since it was first published in Spain in 1605.

This timeless work which the comic adventures of a bold knight and his faithful squire as they ride out to right wrongs and rescue fair ladies.

Biting satire and brilliant irony characterise this tale, regarded as the first modern novel, and as a measure of its popularity only the Bible outnumbers it in the number of translations made.

This reader-friendly edition will contribute to that level of popularity with its appeal to young and old alike.

An eBook edition in .epub and other eReader formats may be obtained by downloaded for free from the Project Gutemburg website here. 

About the Author: 
Miguel de Cervantes, poet, playwright and novelist, is regarded as the most important figure in Spanish literature and generations of writers have been influenced by his innovations. He was born near Madrid in 1547 and died in Madrid sixty-nine years later. In the early part of his life he struggled to make a living with his craft and at one point spent months in Seville jail. His first book La Galatea was produced in 1585 but he did not achieve recognition until publication of the first part of the above masterpiece in 1605. Fame, if not fortune, followed and the second part was finally published ten years later shortly before his death.