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Silver and Time

Author:  Merle King
ISBN:  978 0 9562760 1 8
Publisher:  Rudling House
Date First Published:  12/12/2009

Silver and Time is a supernatural mystery set in contemporary and 15th Century. Spain. When teacher Kate impulsively moves to the Costa del Sol, her everyday world is rocked by terrifying nightmares and inexplicable time-slip episodes. Gradually, the past begins to take her over. Soon Kate cannot distinguish between present day reality and a 15th century tragedy of love, betrayal and religious persecution. Only a harrowing question remains: can Kate find her way out of the nightmare before her alter ego Ana takes over completely? A brilliant, haunting new novel from debut author Merle King.

Author Biography
Merle King was born in Manchester, England and now  lives on the coast in Andalucia. Her work includes features for newspapers, magazines and radio and her plays have been performed in England and Spain. She travelled Europe in a camper van with her partner, Peter, and her next book is non-fiction, This Gypsy Life, is about this adventure. Silver and Time is Merle's first novel.