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Your Garden in Spain

From planning to planting and maintenance.

Author:  Clodagh & Dick Handscombe
ISBN:  978-84-89954-67-0
Publisher:  Santana Books

Active gardeners, Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, bring 40 years' combined experience of gardening in Spain to this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide for residents and holiday-home owners which has been adapted from the authors' highly successful book with the same title published in 2005.

This new book focuses on the planning, planting and maintenance of the garden, whether the owners are gardeners themselves or just using the services of a gardener. The chapters on growing fruit and vegetables contained in the earlier book are now expanded in the authors' 'sister' titles Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain andGrowing Healthy Vegetables in Spain.

Key items include:

  • Creating a garden that is colourful, interesting and productive and in tune with the owners' new Spanish lifestyle.
  • Ideas for apartments, townhouses, villas and rural fincas alike in a range of locations on the mainland and on the islands.
  • Coping with local climate extremes, often poor soils and pests and diseaseas.
  • Ideas for reducing watering and maintenance needs.
  • Advice on selecting and managing gardeners.
  • Colour illustrated descriptions of some 400 plants with their English, Spanish and botanical names.
  • Gardener's vocabulary and index.

Your Garden in Spain represents a milestone in the history of books on gardening in Spain and can also be of benefit to garden lovers who enjoy a comparable climate the world over.