Huelva City - Getting there


Huelva's bus station is at Calle Doctor Rubio (Tel: 959 25 69 00) providing with regular buses to Seville and resorts along the coast. There is a twice-daily service to Portugal and the Sierra de Aracena iin the north of Huelva province and one bus a day to Cádiz, Granada and Malaga.

Bus timetables for Huelva



Most city bus services originate at the Parada Central de Zafra bus stop on Calle Doctor Rubío, outside the Damas bus station. There is also an information kiosk open here from 0930 to 1400 (Tel: 959 22 01 16) where you can get timetables.


Individual journeys cost from €1.30 to 5,30 depending on how many saltos (zone boundaries you cross). There are six zones called A to F.  A being the city centre and F the furthest outlying district.  There is also a tarjeta de transporte (card) which you buy  for €1,50 and then charge the card with a minimum of 5€. You can buy charge the card at  the aforementioned city bus kiosk at the Parada Central de Zafra and in the many estanco (tobacconist's) and kiosks. The card then lets you use the bus for 0,92 € to 3,91 €  depending on how many saltos (zone boundaries you cross).  Here is a pdf of leaflet (in Spanish) explaining the card and showing a map of the six zones.  




A ferry service runs during the summer months to the nearest beach resort to Huelva, Punta Umbría. It leaves from the Muelle de las Canaos.

See our Boat Trips section.


As the centre of Huelva is relatively small, you can walk between the main sights. It is worth either finding a hotel with its own parking or paying for a car park - which are well-signposted - rather than parking your car on the street, since there is widespread theft. The central area has strictly controlled parking with metered areas. Be careful not to park in a no-parking zone since your car may get towed away by the "grua" (crane).

Hire a car is another alternative way to get around!  Consult our general Car Hire page.


Taxi ranks are on Calle Plus Ultra near the Iglesia de la Concepción in the centre and outside the railway station. A city cab firm is Teletaxi, Tel: 959 25 00 22.


The train station is called Huelva-Termino but also known locally as Estación de Sevilla is located at Avenida Italia, 36. It was built in 1888 in neo-mudejar style and is open 06.15 to 23.00 hrs. From here there are three medium distance trains daily to Seville, one fast long distance train a day to Madrid via La Palma del Contado and Córdoba,  and one medium distance trains a day to Jabugo and Sierra de Aracena, which continue north to Zafra and Extremadura.

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