Casa de Pilatos - Praetorian Hall

Praetorian Hall

The room was built in the 1530s as a result of the Renaissance-style widening of the courtyard by Don Fadrique, and was possibly named after a salon in Pontius Pilate's palace in Jerusalem. It conserves all its original elements, including Mudejar inlaid marquetry windows and doors in which the remains of the old polychrome paintwork can still be distinguished.

The same artist painted the beautiful caisson coffered ceiling which has a more "modern" structure than the rest of the palace's framework, and maintains the muqarna decoration. In its centre, Don Fadrique placed the coats-of-arms of his family line from his parents to his great-grandparents.

Exquisite cuenca ceramic tiles with 150 different designs cover the room's walls - the palace constitutes the largest and finest collection of such azulejos. The Cuenca technique, new in the 16th century, copies designs from tapestries. They are adorned in their centre with the Enríquez or Ribera coat-of-arms surrounded by borders.




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