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Seville is great for going out due to the huge variety of venues in a small area. You can easily visit four or five completely different bars without walking more than ten minutes between any of them. The main areas are: Alfalfa, where Pérez Galdós gets so packed with people on Friday and Saturday nights that cars can't drive down it; Alameda, which has a more alternative scene, with lots of gay bars and clubs; and calle Betis by the river in Triana, which is wall-to-wall with venues, from quiet bars to all-night clubs.

In the summer, when the temperature is still in the 30s at night, there's a big bar scene along the river, on Calle Betis in Triana and Arjona and Torneo on the other side, as well as outdoor bars in the some of the parks. Clubbing moves to the Isla de la Cartuja, where young people throng the many seasonal outdoor venues. A cubano (double measure of spirit with mixer) will normally set you back between 4 and 5 euros, while a small glass of beer (cana) is about 1 euro. Red wine (tinto) is reliable, often Rioja, and costs about 1.50 to 2 euros a glass, while the white (blanco) is usually sweet and not to English taste.


The bigger clubs only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Don't bother turning up till after 03.00. For gay and lesbian night life, the Alameda's the place to go. Some places will charge when they have live music or name DJs.


Cuesta del Rosario 12
Well located right next to Plaza de Alfalfa, this is probably the best centre of town venue. Ecclesastically themed décor, as you'd imagine. Plays R&B, funk and garage. 10 euro entrance fee.

Betis 41
Small bar-club with a lively and friendly atmosphere and good music - 'funky' as it's known here.

El Mundo
Siete Revueltas 5
A small, divey bar-club, this has a laid-back atmosphere with some dance podiums at the back for the less inhibited. Thursday is 80s theme night, with videos, projections and other media to do with your favourite pop classics.


Amor de Dios 18
Popular gay and lesbian venue.

Alameda de Hercules 86
Cavernous, sparsely furnished disco for the alternative crowd, which has local and regional rock, drum n bass and metal bands.

Hercules Mitico
Small but lively gay bar, with friendly atmosphere and bijou dance floor. Entry charge at weekends. Classic dance hits.

Torneo 43
This venue is a big, open space - only for serious dancers as there are no cosy alcoves for chatting. Music is hard house, with guest DJS often appearing as well as live acts. 10 euro entrance on Friday and Saturday.


Río Latino
Betis 40
On the main night-time boulevard of Triana, this place feels much more local in character than other, more touristy venues. Spanish and international pop hits.

Betis 67
Probably the most upmarket club this side of the river, this place has four bars each with different décor. It attracts a fashionable crowd and plays some good house music. Pricey drinks.


Book tickets now Every summer the Ayuntamiento of Seville (city council) stages a series of free concerts, from pop to classical music. Venues include Plaza San Andrés and the gardens of the Monasterio de la Cartuja on the island of La Cartuja. For more information check town hall events guide   There are also music festivals which are advertised around the city; plus see El Giraldillo, the excellent free listings magazine.  For a listing of bi and small music concerts click on the 'book now' button on the right hand side. 

El Perro Andaluz
Bustos Tavera 11
This popular venue with lots of cred has an impressive roster of everything from blues and country to rock, reggae and Brazilian music. Attracts local artists and actors, so the crowd´s usually interesting.

Gallo Rojo
Bar/cafe/gallery with eclectic offering of live music, poetry and spoken word.

Leviés 18
Mainly known for its free nightly flamenco, this well-established place also has live folk, jazz and Arabic music. An atmospheric old building with lots of alcoves and wooden beams, it is often packed, especially at weekends. In winter the small bar by the entrance is especially cosy thanks to a chimenea (fireplace). The long tables with benches next to the first, smaller stage give it an intimate atmosphere, while the larger rear area can feel a little impersonal. Although many tourists come here, there are plenty of locals too.

Many of the clubs listed above, as well as Capote on Arjona (see copa bars), have live music. For lovers of latin rhythms, you can catch live Cuban music at weekends at Nu York on Marques de Paradas, an elegant bar with pricey drinks, and Azucar de Cuba on Paseo de Colon.

Look out for posters, flyers or see El Giraldillo magazine.

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