Benalmadena - Butterfly Park

The butterfly park houses over 1500 butterflies.
The butterfly park houses over 1500 butterflies.
Mariposa de Benalmadena
Mariposa de Benalmadena
Get up close with the butterflies!
Get up close with the butterflies!


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Ideal for families with young children who want a gentler up-close-with-nature experience, the Butterfly Park has over 1500 of the colourful little winged insects. The park is inside a Thai temple-style building; the blue tiles were actually made in Thailand.

The butterflies mate and lay eggs in the park, so you can see all stages of reproduction including caterpillars and chrysalis, as well as new butterflies hatching in cages. Other animals include a tortoise, a wallaby and a Komodo dragon.



Providing a stunning backdrop, and home, for the butterflies are the tropical plants: ornamental ones, which are exotic-looking and brightly coloured; flowering plants, whose nectar the insects feed on; and host plants, which caterpillars feed on. The warm, damp environment is ideal for plants such as orchids, heliconia and bromeliads.

Entry adults 9.50 euros, children (3-12 years) 6.50 euros.

Open daily 10am-8.30pm

Autovía del Mediterraneo A7, Exit 217. C/ Muérdago, s/n. (next to Buddhist temple), El Retamar, Benalmádena. 29639.

Tel: 951 211 196

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