Clone of Montes de Malaga Natural Park - Flora

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Montes de Malaga Natural Park - Flora

The main trees in the park are Aleppo pines (pinus halepensis). In the northern section of the park holm oaks (quercus ilex), cork oaks (quercus suber) and gall oaks (quercus faginea) - the tree species that were here originally - grow among the Aleppo pines. Carob trees (ceratonia siliqua), wild olive trees (olea europaea sylvestris) and cultivated areas of almond trees can also be seen.

Under the more mature pine trees are areas of Mediterranean scrubland: lentisc (pistacia lentiscus), dwarf fan palms (chamaerops humilis), oleanders (nerium oleander), strawberry trees (arbutus unedo), myrtle (myrtus communis), rock roses (cistus ladanifer, c. albidus, c.monspeliensis), prickly junipers (juniperus oxycedrus) and aromatic plants like thyme (thymus vulgaris), rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) and lavender (lavandula angustifolia) are among the vegetation making up the scrubland beneath the pine and oak trees.

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