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Sculptures in Estepona

Estepona has a policy of commissioning sculptures by contemporary artists in different location in the town centre for the enjoyment of tourist and residents alike.

Here is a list:

Plaza de Las Flores: "El elefante requetebien" (Elephant benone) by Toby Govan.

Plaza Ortiz: "Mavi" by Santiago de Santiago.

Plaza Blas Infante infront of old town hall "Milagros" (Miracles) by Santiago de Santiago. One metre high sculpture in bronze.

Plaza Cañada, near Castillo de San Luis: "El Amor salva" (Love saves) of Santiago de Santiago. One metre high sculpture in bronze.

Calle Guadiaro (next to Church of El Carmen): "Ofelia" by Joaquín Aguilera. Sculpture made of white granite stone and cement, an allegory about motherhood. 2.5 meters high and 1.30 m wide. Soft curvy shapes which change appearance during the day with the light.

Congress Hall: Sculpture dedicated to Paul Naschy Joaquin Aguilera

Calle Guadiaro (next to Church El Carmen): "Christo Redemptor" (Christ the Redeemer) by Francisco Alarcón.

Seafront Promenade, next to the post office: "Monumento al turisto" (Monument to the tourist) by Joaquin Memorial Aguilera. .

Seafront Promenade (opposite Avda Juan Carlos): "En tus brazos" (In your arms) by Tobi Govan.

Seafront Promenade (opposite Plaza ABC) : "El ascenso" (The Rise) by Tobi Govan

Avenida San Lorenzo (Japanese Garden): "The Buddha" by Tobi Govan.

Parque El Calvario (Playground): "El Dragon al Sol" (The dragon in the sun) by Tobi Govan. Limestone sculpture depicting a Komodo dragon.

Avda Carlos Cano (with Calle Dolphin): "Analiza" (Analyse) by Santiago de Santiago. A sculpture depicting a man sitting with part of his brain in his hand, reflecting on the mind and the power of reasoning. .

Plaza ABC: "Evasion" (Escape) by Santiago de Santiago. Three metre high bronze weighing 300 kilos. It depicts a woman who wants to retain some elements of the past but finally gets up and gets the glory.

C / Real: Sculpture of Santiago de Santiago.

Children's park "Tricycle" Juan Miguel Quinones. Inaugurated on 05/01/14.

New Mirador on Peñas Blancas (between km 8 and 9.): Sculpture of artist Andrew Montesanto to mark the end of the 8th stage of the Tour of Spain 2013. It represents two cyclists one in a white pinkish tone and another climbing a hill.

Seafront Promenade: "Monument to the Peseta." The sculptor chose a model peseta 1944 that is aesthetically the most elaborate.

Avenida Litoral: (Rotonda Congress Palace and BP). "Labrador and Fisherman" was commissioned in 1968. With the passage of time it has become one of the emblems of the city.

C / Real: (in front of Hotel Buenavista). "Bearers" is a tribute to the Bearers of Estepona. It was created in 2007 by Francisco Javier Galan on a Sunday.

Avda. Juan Carlos I (by the roundabout): "Tattoo" by sculptor Santiago de Santiago, represents a couple embracing. The work measures 2.40 meters tall and weighs 190 kilos.

Avda Andalucía (with C / Pilar de Farinós). Sculpture of San Isidro Labrador in bronze.

C / Guadiaro (near Church of El Carmen): "Levante" Sculpture of Juan Miguel Quinones. Figure made with the same local stone that was used in the construction of the Church of Carmen. Inaugurated in May 2015.



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