Seville Feria - Glossary

Know your farolillos © Michelle Chaplow
Know your farolillos.

Seville Feria - Glossary of Terms

Some important Feria terms so you can sound like a local

Albero - traditional yellow sand (its colour is emblematic of Sevilla) on the ground of the recinto - can get dusty in hot weather, turns to mud when it rains.

Alumbrado - when all the portada´s lights are switched on, at midnight on Monday. This is the traditional beginning of the Feria

Caseta - private house-tent of varying size owned by groups of friends, or associations, where they, and those invited by them, eat, drink and dance

Farolillo - coloured pleated paper balls, in red, green or white, used to decorate casetas and streets of the recinto

Lunes de pescaito - on Monday night, the first official night of the Feria, the traditional dish is fried fish



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