Expat OR Exile ?

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Re: Expat OR Exile ?

Postby Wicksey » Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:45 pm

Knowing that expats in other countries like Canada do not get the yearly cost of living rises to their pensions (although this year there wasn't any payrise) then this would affect our future as we would like to have our pensions to keep up with those in the UK. We've paid the same amounts in as UK residents so I don't see why expats don't get the same out of it.

Rajoy seemed to be making veiled threats yesterday about the expats here if Brexit went ahead but I cannot see how they could do anything to those of us that are resident here and registered for tax correctly etc. Some people I know came to live here in the 1970s long before Spain was in the EU ...... I'm not sure that all us Brits would be told to leave :)

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