Recently bought; planning the move

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Recently bought; planning the move

Postby anouska » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:23 am

Hi All,

So a while back I was on asking for advice on where to look for buying property. I recieved loads of really usefull advice,so again thank you all so much! . But I am now calling on your expertise once again! We bought a house yay!! Beautiful home in the Cortes area. We cannot move there full time currently but aim to as soon as possible. But, in the mean time, I have a few random questions about when we make the move and all the considerations, and would really appreciate if any of you could answer any/all of them.

1) I willl need someone to mind/ maintain property until we can go there full time.. management agents etc. know of any local ones? how much monthly? average payment if I find someone local?
2) Garden/finca will need long grass cutting, we want to get pool up and running/maintained etc... Who/ how much should we exepect to pay someone for this, perhapss once/twice a week? advice?
2) ANy advice on renting in the interim/ or house sitters? how can we make sure house ok until we can move there permenantly.
3) House insurance? Any recommended companies? Any thing esle I should be thiniking of?
4) Kids... while we are there for the summer we thought about hiring a local teenager just to come and play (with possibly some baby sitting a few hours if go out, but for most part lots of family aorund to babysit, 99% for Spanish element ) with our two kids 8 &4 so they can start to learn spanish for school when we move. Older one has very basic spanish younger one none expect beuna dias, come esta? etc. Advice? where to find them? how much we should expect to pay?
5) As a self employed international consultant, as in most of income coming from overseas and likely into an overseas account, but intend to live in spain full time what is the income tax? What other standadard payments should I expect while livning in spain eg social security etc. (I am an EU citizen).
6) Any thing esle I should be thinking of?

Thanks, I know lots of random questions, just trying to get all things in place for the big move in the hopefully very near future and to hear all of your opinions on the matters.

Cheers A x

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