Tarjeta Sanitaria without residency

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Re: Tarjeta Sanitaria without residency

Postby fyfin » Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:15 pm

Just an update, our friends have indeed received their tarjetas sanitarias and have registered with the local health centre. One of them has made an appointment online to see the doctor on Monday so everything is as it should be.
So I would now say to anyone if you have the S1 forms from Newcastle and are registered on the padron, don't worry about registering at the foreigners office as residents first, just go to the INSS office and you should get your health cards. The other interesting thing was that at the INSS office their marriage certificate was scanned and no request for it to be a recent certified copy or apostilled etc which is what will be needed at the foreigners office.
Because all offices seem to interpret the rules differently I think it's worthwhile just going along with originals and copies of everything you've got and see what they say!
When you look at the juntadeandalucia website in any case it simply refers to residents and doesn't ay how you have to prove that so I suppose it could be interpreted that the padron states you are a resident.

"La Ley de Salud de Andalucía, en su artículo 3, contempla que tienen derecho a las prestaciones y servicios de salud, tanto individual como colectivamente, los siguientes:
Los españoles y los extranjeros residentes en cualquiera de los municipios de Andalucía."
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