Social Clubs - Alora area

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Social Clubs - Alora area

Postby micknjane » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:28 pm


I am still living and working in the uk but have bought a townhouse in Alora so hope to be spending more & more time there. I love the area and the town but I am interested in improving my very basic Spanish and getting to know a few of the ex pats as well as the locals in that area so was wondering if any one knows of any ex-pat clubs or social groups in that area I could join.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Social Clubs - Alora area

Postby BENIDORM » Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:13 am

May I suggest that before you get involved with joining 'expat' groups ( avoid using the word 'club' in Spain ) :wink: , you just quietly observe by perhaps visiting bars that are frequented by expats.
You will soon see who you can become friendly with and who to avoid, unfortunately there are always the 'free-loaders' and crooks lurking, waiting for 'fresh meat' to feed off.
Having said that we have met some really kind and helpful expats and that includes other nationalities, but I do recommend taking your time before getting too involved.
I suggest that you check out joining the nearest Royal British Legion Branch, you may have to travel a short way but it's a great organisation to be part of and most arrange trips and events that you can join in with .
You do not have to be ex-services to join and you will meet people from all walks of life and many members can and will be able you give good and sound advice with any problems that occur.
And of course check out your local town hall for all events etc that you could join in with, a great way to integrate and don't worry about language difficulties, I'm sure that you will be looked after .!
Please feel free to contact me regarding joining an RBL Branch if you need any further advice, and I extend that offer to anyone else interested.

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Re: Social Clubs - Alora area

Postby country boy » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:24 am

Excellent advice above; we live nearby and I can say that there is a very wide range of "types" in Alora, tread very carefully, but enjoy the whole experience, Andalucia is great!

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