Recycling in Spain

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Re: Recycling in Spain

Postby BENIDORM » Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:20 pm

We rarely 'pass on' clothing etc to the street collectors, however we occasionally would give them items that are only fit for recycling, most of our 'good stuff' is donated to animal welfare shops/charities, not so many around here but we do travel.!
Mrs B insists on washing and ironing every item we donate and I know many others do also, she is well aware that most of the shops don't have time to process items and a lot gets discarded...

Our preference for donations has always been to give to charities that we know where it will be used properly,and amongst others we support Great Ormond Street Hospital, at the moment they are getting bad press, but our eldest Granddaughter was given fantastic help there, she also had Mitochondrial Disease,similar to baby Charlie and she passed away recently.( She survived 20 years after diagnosis, but each case is very different, as with the recent baby Charlie case) .
Anyway it really is up to the individual, many people are only interested in getting rid of unwanted items, and don't seem to care where it goes !
Just this weekend a friend in UK asked us for our charity preference and is going to donate in the memory of our Granddaughter..a really nice thought.

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