Sold the house in Andalucia. Here's how it went.

Do you have a query about moving to Andalucia and buying property in Andalucia. Find out by posting questions and reading about other peoples experiences.
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Re: Sold the house in Andalucia. Here's how it went.

Postby Devils Advocate » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:34 pm

Thanks for the reply as always Beachy.

Yes, that is our fear as you state ie, just how many calls would we get now and in the future with any issue that may arise at a later date.

We were put under pressure before completion to abide with some fairly strict clauses and an ultra rapid transaction the buyers wanted in the contract, which we did at a fair cost and much hassle for ourselves, we now feel we are out of it and that's that.

However as I stated here and told the agent we are more than happy to answer any questions they have if we possibly can, we have no issue with that and happy to help if the agent puts them to us.

As I say it just baffled me when I asked what they needed to know and my question drew a blank, just a repeat of "Can we pass your details over", not a chance as far as I'm concerned with such a vague response from them.

At the end of the day our names and addresses are on the paperwork anyway so I'd assume the buyers could contact us in some form anyway should they wish.

Thanks also for tip off re. data protection.

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