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Re: Iberbanda Wimax

Postby Evaready » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:10 am

Sorry not to have picked this up earlier. We are now in Catalunya (mmmm, just at the mo) but we have Quantis Satellite broadband. It is not bad and when it is working well (ie when it is not raining) it can get speeds of up to 20Mbps but when it is bad it is about 1Mbps or even less. Watching tv at night is a pain after 9.00 pm because it slows right down. Every now and again we have to call them and then miraculously it gets better for a few weeks - had to download an update they say, but since they don't tell you about it you only know when you call them. The other difficulty is latency, which means using something like a Sonos system for music is impossible- we have a 4G router for that using Tuenti cards (Movistar is the only signal we get here and Movistar refuse to provide 3G in casa because we don't have a proper address apparently, even though we have a land line from them!). We are deep in the campo with no other alternatives for broadband, so that is what we use. It is expensive (we have limit of 60Gb per month, which is sufficient for us and it is about Euros 100 per month- ouch- but I have to have it for work. The other thing to remember with satellite broadband (or so I have found) is that you cannot use Smarty DNS or similar- they use proxy hijacking- so we use IPTV which is fine on satellite provided the speed is OK (ie before 9.00 pm) and when it is not I use the 3G router and Now tv using Smarty DNS, but it works out very expensive at 8 Euros a Gb. Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other queries about Quantis.

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Re: Iberbanda Wimax

Postby telboy » Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:17 pm

Evaready wrote:It is expensive (we have limit of 60Gb per month, which is sufficient for us and it is about Euros 100 per month- ouch- but I have to have it for work.

Evaready - Crumbs! That's a lot of money to fork out for limited use, but I suppose if you need it for work then you have no choice.

Now the monsoon has passed I will contact JetNet with our co-ordinates, hopefully like Olive said they may have another mast, but it's unlikely as Loja which is within our range (part view) isn't included on their list receiving 100% coverage. Anyway we'll give them a call. Is it normal practice to supply bank details, NIE, etc etc before these companies even know whether or not you can receive their service :?:

My brother who has just recently moved to the Alpujarras in the valley within view of Bubion and Capiliera, said that his neighbours were using JetNet but service deteriorated as their are so many users. They are waiting for RadioKable to turn up with a possibility of using them. There are quite a few options in the Granada area but a lot depends on where you are within the province.


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