TV from Carrefour

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TV from Carrefour

Postby john the baptist » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:30 pm

Hi we have a 48 inch TD system tv from carrefour which is great value and apart from literlally on in dead pixel its a great tv. Only issue is that with the dog and kids the remote has seen better days and some buttons (ie) OK select button does not work too well.

Its a good tv Im going to get the 55 inch at €379 when I need it but i need some advice on a replacement remote. their is never anyone to speak to in carrefour and ive never ever has any luck with universal remotes as you put in the codes and they never work.

i know its not a samsung or LG but its perfectly ok for android live tv etc, but does anyone know which would work for this generic brand from carefour.

TD SYSTEMS sold in carrefour but Im sure its rebradded as other names in other shops. thanks for any help has anyone else had this issue???

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