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Postby suzyq » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:32 pm

Hello , I am currently with movistar and pay about 55 euros per month for internet, landline and a mobile. I have a download speed of 16 which works fine with now tv and Amazon fire stick. I use smart dns but was unable to change the address in the movistarouter so I have it linked by Ethernet cable to a tp link router. Everything works fine but our urbanisation has had fibre installed by voz plus and they offer 50 download plus landline and mobile for 36 euros per month with an initial connection fee of 99 euros. If I take the voz plus offer could there be any problems in connecting their router to my tp link router ? I would hate to lose my now tv and Amazon fire stick progs. Thanks

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Re: Vozplus

Postby Enrique » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:29 pm

Hi suzyq,
Sounds like a good deal..........
You maybe able to put the DNS settings in the "new" Router........... :idea:
Other members report being able to put DNS settings in the Movistar Routers.......throw away line........
Another option is to run your second Router setup as of now........saving money too........... :D
I'm guessing you had someone set up your current Router :?: .....if so get the current Network details as the new ISP may use a different private Network setting either starting in 192. or 10.

Ether way it will not be a problem........... 8)
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