4 year rule

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4 year rule

Postby campo babe » Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:40 am

As stated in a previous post - on the SOHA website (Save our Homes Axarquia) a firm of laywers at a public meeting informed them -

..." after the ‘4 Year Rule’ you are free from a fine, but NOT from being declared illegal, if that is what the Courts decide."

Is this the correct interpretation of that rule?

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Re: 4 year rule

Postby Jool » Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:35 pm

As far as I can see it depends which way the wind is blowing........and if you are free of a fine you may be liable for infra structure costs, such as drains, sewage, tarmac roads etc...............possible official declaration of illegality and thus demolition (although this is unlikely unless the house is too close to a ramble for example) but you may be allowed to stand but never be 100% legal.......

I suppose the essence of my reply is to not take anything as a hard and fast rule as these simply do not exist in these cases and the Junta is facing an unprecedented number of problems and is in uncharted territory with so many problem builds.......thus nothing can be certain or a given. Sorry i know you would prefer a definite answer but my 10 years experience of Spain and Andalucia in particular indicates my response is more accurate - its unknown.......

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