S1, Residency and change of address

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S1, Residency and change of address

Postby fyfin » Thu May 26, 2016 8:00 pm

We've been living in Almeria since 2012, managed to obtain temporary S1s from UK which enabled us to register with the Spanish Health Authority at the time. In turn along with proof of income we were able to apply for and obtain residency (or at least register and receive out little green card dated 7/03/2013). So far so good, then when the S1 expired we managed to obtain cover by paying into the Spanish system via the Convenio Especial route and we even received tarjeta sanitarias.

However, my 65th birthday is fast approaching and having completed the booklet giving every detail under the sun (including all wife's details, places worked and dates and places lived in UK since birth and dates) and posting it (no online system for overseas claimants), I finally received the letter today stating how much I would receive (no surprise as I had already had a forecast).

I did also receive 2 S1 forms, this time with no termination date, of course, but none for my wife who is my dependent, and which was stated on the booklet I had completed. A phone call to Newcastle and an apology from a nice man who said they are doing that now all the time, but why!!! And he would arrange to send them on to me after I had answered another raft of questions (all already completed on the form)regarding date of marriage, wife's name, NI no, bank details etc etc.

OK so I will now get to the point, the S1s were sent to and have printed on them our new address: we moved within the same village in Jan this year, to a house as we had sold up in UK. We still own the apartment so I wasn't too bothered about changing addresses but have been doing this as we go along, banks, pension people etc. However, the residence cards have our old address and the S1s will have our new address and I have a hunch this might cause a problem so I was thinking about changing the address on the little green cards but it was such a nightmare getting them, that I am a bit reluctant to go to the Foreigners Office in Almeria as I'm sure it will not be a simple job, unless someone knows different.

I also expect a problem at the INSS office in Huercal Overa as I doubt very much that they will have experience of someone coming off the paid system unto free cover paid by UK and again the addresses won't tally although I can get a Padron cert with the new address and I will change our address at the medical centre which might help. I don't personally know anyone else who has actually got onto the system here via the convenio especial route, so no-one to ask locally.
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