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Postby rdr31 » Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:48 pm

Hello, I am new to this site but just looking for advice, please.

My husband and I are considering relocating to Spain, along with our two children (5 and 1). I work from home, and will increase my hours if we do decide to move. We would rent a house for the meantime, and our son attend either a bilingual or state school. We have enough money to cover us for over a year (this is all advice I seem to have read or been offered on different forums). Is there anything else I need to consider? I have obviously asked more in depth questions, but this is just a brief outlay.

I have also been researching info re setting up as self employed

Could someone just confirm that I have understood things properly, please?

1 - social security payments are around 260€ a month, this would include my husband and children? There is a discount of 80% for the first 6 months, 50% 6-12 months, 30% for 12-15 months.

2 - income tax would be 19% paid quarterly (although I have seen conflicting advice at 20%). The first 3 years income tax is at 9%, but only read this on one site.

3 - VAT, I am not VAT registered. Would this just be the same in Spain?

Are social security payments taken before tax deductions or after?

I'm currently paid via PayPal, and into my UK bank account from other companies. Would I need to be paid direct into a Spanish bank account, or can I simply transfer the money from UK account and PayPal?

What happens re tax in the UK? At present I earn under the threshold for paying income tax, if I was still below the threshold do I just pay the Spanish tax (as above at no.2)? If I had to pay tax in the UK, is this deducted before tax in Spain?

Thanks in anticipation

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Re: Autonomo

Postby mountainlass » Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:33 pm

1 ) Depends on your Age. I am 58 Autonomo and initially paying $75 pm
2) 20% quarterly
3) Depends. As far as I know ( and I am no expert) IVA (VAT) is paid on all works accept certain professions. I offer English Conversation Classes and Education is exempt. So I think it depends what you are hoping to do.
4) Social Security payments are taken from your bank Monthly, as a separate payment

All other questions I do not know the answer

Others on here are FAR more knowledgeable

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Re: Autonomo

Postby Beachcomber » Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:11 pm

I missed the fact that the OP posted this query in two different locations. Please don't do this as it fragments the replies as is happening now. I could try merging the two threads but this has ended in disaster in the past when everything was lost so I will just give this link:


to the other thread and close this one so please post any further replies to the other thread.

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