Leaving Spain – What to do ? A checklist ?

Information and questions about the Law in Spain and Andalucia.
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Re: Leaving Spain – What to do ? A checklist ?

Postby SanchoPanza » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:16 pm

How about doing it in the Jan - April window before mum goes to UK ? Proceeds would not go anywhere near a Spanish bank

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Re: Leaving Spain – What to do ? A checklist ?

Postby elusive » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:40 pm

El Cid wrote:
elusive wrote:
Spanish tax year is jan-jan . As said earlier i think if shes still resident in spain in jan 2017 that makes her tax resident for the whole year regardless of when she leaves spain ie april.

No, the 183 day rule still applies. You are confusing it with the fact that if you break through the 183 days in a year, then you become tax resident for the whole year.

That said, it may be difficult to convince Hacienda that you are no longer tax resident unless you can show that you are tax resident somewhere else. HMRC often takes the same attitude.


Sorry ive just re read. Abit confusing as the mum is currently tax resident but wants to leave and sign off before the new tax year starts. So if mum does that but then decides to return starting a fresh so to speak for a few weeks early in the year then yes the clock starts again as for paper work value shes brand new to the country. Apologies all.

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