Sold house tonight, getting in a tizz!

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Re: Sold house tonight, getting in a tizz!

Postby concorde » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:12 pm

Well, house was sold in early December and yes, after buying and selling numerous houses in the U.K., the actual day was an eye-opener and not in a good way, buyer and seller was messed about by bank and legal profession for hours and it was very stressful.

However that is over. I think I had resigned myself to forget the retention refund, but our original gestor asked if we would like him to claim this back, since the buyers representative smirked when he asked us if we were going to claim this back, I guess that clinched it.
I asked if our gestor had done this before and the answer was no, but he seemed pretty confident although I said i wasn't prepared to shell out until I had actually seen the completed copy he was o.k. with that although couldn't pin him down to costs.
He had the original escritura , extra buying costs etc and since we had closed our Spanish bank, said he only needed our BIC no, which I provided.
I duly received a copy of the 211 retention form although it is hard to made out the actual date paid.

Now 6 weeks after I was hoping it was ongoing I find from our friend that he has done s*d all, too busy etc. tried another gestor for advice, got some tripe about residency, 183 days and sort it out with U.K. tax office.

Talk about out of sight out of mind, My O.H. says forget it, but we don't owe a penny, lost over 2/3rds of original costs of property and don't see why I should forget it. duly filled in and paid 210 for the last 10years,not the digital signature way sadly, got all copies of buying selling costs so how hard could it be?

Anyway our Spanish friend said he'd ask around other gestorias but I honestly don't think they have ever claimed this retention back for any non-residents before. I did ask Beachcomber if I could do this from U.K. but his answer didn't fill me with confidence, so not very happy tonight as it looks as if no one can be bothered or don't know their a*se from their elbow but know how to charge!

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