Non-res income tax - certificate of fiscal residence?

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Non-res income tax - certificate of fiscal residence?

Postby Preocupada » Sun May 21, 2017 11:44 am

Hi everyone!

We live in the UK and have a house in Andalucia that we want to rent out for holidays. I've asked the village gestor to apply for a VTAR licence for us. I'm going to ask the gestor to sort out the tax for us. It seems from everything I've read on these and other forums that we submit quarterly returns of the rental income.

My main question is about the certificate of UK tax residence that we apparently need to give the Spanish tax authorities. Do I need to get a new cert at the end of every quarter (as one post suggested) and submit it with every return or is this a one-time only thing (as I've seen elsewhere)? I've been looking at the HMRC form ( I think it's this one ). Should I just ask for a certificate to cover the dates of the quarter that I'm submitting the return for? And will it take a long time to get the certificate?

If anyone could advise I'd be very grateful!

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