Mediation and Conciliation or Workers Dispute

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Mediation and Conciliation or Workers Dispute

Postby AkoAko » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:19 pm

Has anyone had experience of the Centro de Mediación, Arbitraje y Conciliación , regional organisation set up in each of the autonomous regions to deal with disputes in several areas , its law that legal proceedings cant be used until this organisation has done all it can to resolve problems first , Workers rights being one of them . I have registered and received a code number and have to go to a building unconnected with the above for confirming identities then issuing codes for access to government agencies but after that im stumped . I have got to this point by translating dozens of sections on google translate from this site and others necessary to download a digital certificate to use with the code issued that i hope to get Monday and so far so good however i cant find anywhere on the site where the actual application or complaint is made . Im hoping someone has been through this process and can point me in the right direction . ... acion.html

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