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Postby scooby4156 » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:08 pm

hi we have a beautiful oak tree in our finca
developer have been given the go ahead to widen a track and buid a golf corse / urbanization which will mean removing the tree
how can we protect this wonderful tree and who do we approach for help
very kind regards in expectation

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Postby Gasman » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:45 pm

When we wanted to cut down a pine tree on our finca we had to apply via the Cadastral Office of the town hall, who passed it on to their environment department (Medioambiente) who then approved it - after coming round to check that it may indeed have been a danger to the house.
Obviously here, it is the inverse for you ... but that same department is probably involved in the approval of the permission to widen the track and hence chop down the tree. Since it is on your land, you should have an input and a voice in the matter. Failing that, can you get the name of the architect/planner for the project and see what is stopping them from going round the tree?
I am not sure that Oak trees are Protected in Andalucia and each province/area may be different. Here, all Pine trees are protected ... Note there are two (and more) varieties of oak trees - basically the Alconoque (acorn producer to feed the pigs) and the Encina (cork-oak) - you may need to tell them which it is.

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