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Re: extensions not on catastral

Postby susanspain » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:38 pm

Tish Tash, good decision in my opinion. We did take a chance and bought a small town house for a small sum but Catastral (and escritura even though sold twice since original owner on the deeds) were not up to date. Our lawyer said if we could live with a bit of aggro then possibly it would be ok. As the purchase price was so ridiculously low we took a punt. Thankfully all worked out (although cost us Eu4k in legal fees in end instead of Eu1.5k), but worth it. Still waiting for Catastral at hacienda to be updated even though we got all the new papers in our hand 2 years ago (escritura.) Local town hall don't seem bothered at present even though they should be getting more IBI from us. We have just put the cash by in case they suddenly update it and back date it. (But we know via our fantastic accountant it will not be a lot more and also they can only go back 4 years!)
Sorry wandering a bit off point here.
We knew of the downsides of the paperwork not being up to date, but it was a matter of just updating it.
Yours is a more serious matter of illegal building works. I am sure you have seen the recent demolision of a property in Torre del Mar due to non compliance (even though the new owners tried to put this right and even paid a fine to the local town hall.)
Best stay away from things like this!
There are 1001 other properties out there, with much less problems/headaches!
I know you will find your dream home when the time is right :-)

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