Flies on balcony

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Re: Flies on balcony

Postby IreneD » Fri May 11, 2012 5:26 pm

They aren't shy at butting in on a spat though

That's possibly because:-

I suspect some of the posters who 'never have much to say' are quiet because they've run foul of some of the more acerbic posters here!

and their 'butting in' is possibly a heartfelt 'been there, got the t=shirt ' short response, they don't want to say more in case they risk heaps of scorn being poured over them :think: (I'll risk it lol)

Had to laugh at your 'thousands of posts to Julian' etc, Katy - I've been here half as long as you have, with a fraction of the posts and I don't belong to any other forum. I bet you miss him, don't you? The sparring? :angel:

Sorry, Sid - I'll take my wooden spoon and go away :D

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