Record fall in Spain retail sales

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Re: Record fall in Spain retail sales

Postby gus-lopez » Wed May 30, 2012 6:37 pm

laswalkirias wrote:Anyroads
Youre spot on about the looming chrisis in Spain,yes us Brits do whinge a bit, but its not the Brits I am worried about,
All those young people seem to have had their future put in serious jepoardy through no fault of there own,..... on my last visit to malaga City I got chatting to the well educated daughter of the appartment owner where i was staying, and she told me shes heading to London for work. and yes she did not want to go, but there was nothing for her in Malaga City apart from shop work(and there were hundreds of applicants for even this type of work)
What a waste!!! greedy investment "bankers" in London and New York,large scale corruption in Spanish Town Halls, and downright thieves have stolen the future for so many decent honorable young people in Spain , it makes my blood boil!!!!
i never forget thast when I was a young man living in London I used to flit from job to job without any problems, leaving jobs when i was bored or couldnt be bothered to turn up!
No such luxury or freedom for young workers in Spain
What a waste

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