Celebrities - Other famous people

Andalucia has been home to many celebrities and famous people in the past, including Athletes, writers, historians and religious figures. Below is a list of famous people that are from, or have once lived in, Andalucia. 

Athletes in Andalucia

Theresa Zabell Lucas

Olympic Yachtswoman, 1965 - present. More > 


Miguel Angel Jimenez

Championship Golfer, 1964 - present. More > 


Bandits in Andalucia

El Tempranillo

José Maria Hinojosa Cabacho (1805-33). More > 


Historians in Andalucia

Juan Valera

Writer 1824 - 1905. More >

Paul Preston

British Historian, expert on Spanish Civil War. More > 


Historical Figures

Antonio de Lebrija

Linguist 1441 – 1552.

Rodrigo de Triana

Seaman 1469 – present.

Ramón María Narvaéz

Military General, Politician 1800 – 1868. 


Religious Figures in Andalucia

Isidore of Seville

Saint/Bishop A.D. 560 to 636. 


Aristocracy in Andalucia

Duchess of Alba

Art & flamenco-loving aristocrat. 1926-2014. More >