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Village life in Benarraba © Michelle Chaplow
Málaga Province - Benarrabá
Home Hotels Festivals History Tour Benarraba By Chris Wawn This hidden village can only be approached by car, along its own short but mountainous 3-kilometre road.  To find the turn off,...
Diamolos Andalucia Spain  © Michelle Chaplow
Málaga Province - Diamalos
DIAMALOS Diamalos is a hamlet along the MA-4111 part of the municipality of Arenas. Its name was written as ‘Daymas' as a village from the reconquers. In springtime, with the almond...
Two-leaved Gennaria - Gennaria diphylla © Tony Hall
Two-leaved Gennaria - Gennaria diphylla
Two-leaved Gennaria - Gennaria diphylla by Tony Hall The two leaves that give this species its name (diphylla) are arranged alternately, clasping the thin green stem. The lower of the two leaves is...
Yellow Bee Orchid – Ophrys lutea © Tony Hall
Yellow Bee Orchid – Ophrys lutea
Yellow Bee Orchid - Ophrys lutea by Tony Hall This beautifully striking little orchid, will generally be found growing to around 10-20cm tall, occasionally taller. The main leaves are oblong and form...
Sombre Orchid – Ophrys fusca © Tony Hall
Sombre Orchid – Ophrys fusca
Sombre Orchid - Ophrys fusca by Tony Hall This orchid's common name, the sombre or dull orchid, doesn't really describe this particular species of bee orchid very well. It is extremely variable in...
Flamenco is a passionate and seductive art form © Michelle Chaplow
Flamenco - Home
Flamenco By Tony Bryant Flamenco is a passionate and seductive art form, a mysterious and misunderstood culture that has been burning in Andalucía for nearly five hundred years, and today...
A taste of Andalucia
About Andalucia - Gastronomy
Gastronomy by Brenda Padilla and Morwenna Francis Andalucia is best known for its beaches, sunny weather and flamenco. But food is a hugely important part of southern Spain - indeed, the...
La Carolina, Palacio del Intendente Olavide © Michelle Chaplow
Jaen Province - La Carolina
La Carolina by Chris Chaplow La Carolina is a small town of 16.000 inhabitants is located in the north of Jaen province adjacent to the A-4 Seville to Madrid motorway. It is the last town of any size...
La Carolina, Museum © Michelle Chaplow
Jaen Province - La Carolina Museum
La Carolina Musuem By Chris Chaplow The museum's full name is CENTRO DE INTERPRETACION DE LA HISTORIA DE LA MINAS EN LAS NUEVAS POBLACIONES DE JAEN. This excellent modern museum explains the history...
Batalla de las Navas de Tolosa - Battle of Tolosa Plains © Michelle Chaplow
History - Spain's Moorish History - Las Navas de Tolosa
Batalla de las Navas de Tolosa - Battle of Tolosa Plains - 1212 By Chris Chaplow and Fiona Flores Watson This battle, which saw the Catholic Monarchs of Spain rout the occupying Almohads, changed the...
Vejer de la Frontera, so much to see and do. © Michelle Chaplow
Cadiz Province - Vejer de la Frontera
Vejer de la Frontera If you are exploring the N340 Costa de la Luz coast road, you'd be wise to make time for a wander around Vejer. This classic white village on the...
The Iconic Osbourne Bull © Michelle Chaplow
Travel & Tourism - The Osborne Bull
Osborne Bull All it takes is a drive across Spain to see the legendary brandy advertisement that has become a symbol of Spanish culture both here at home and abroad. The Osborne Bull is the black...
Helicopter tours
Travel & Tourism - Helicopter Flights
Helicopter Flights in Malaga and Granada in Andalucia   If you would like a unique and unforgettable travel experience in Malaga or Andalucia, then a helicopter flight is a great option....

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