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The Grey-Leaved Cistus - Cistus albidus © Tony Hall
Wild Flowers - Cistus albidus
The Grey-Leaved Cistus. Cistus albidus by Tony Hall Cistus are often referred to as rock or sun roses because of their appearance and habitat. This particular species, Cistus albidus, usually forms...
Spanish sweet pea Lathyrus odoratus - Guisante de olor © Michelle Chaplow
Flora & Fauna - Wild Flowers of Andalucía
Andalucia is host to a very rich variety of wildflowers in widely diverse habitats, some species growing nowhere else. Here we present a brief list of some of the more common wild flowers found in...
The 'Andalucian Poets Passage' © Michelle Chaplow
Estepona - Pasaje Poetas Andaluces
Pasaje Poetas Andaluces   The 'Andalucian Poets Passage' is an interesting concept and is also called Jardin de los Poetas Andaluces (Garden of the Andalucia Poets).  The casual passer-by...
Agua Estepona Murals © Michelle Chaplow
Estepona Mural - Agua
Agua Agua (water) Mural in Calle Malaga, Edificio Salymar by Francisco Jesus Redondo Losada, born in Asturias in 1968. The mural measures seven metres long and two metres high The artist decided...
Estepona Murals are a work in progress - photo from Estepona Town Hall
Estepona - Murals
See Map of Estepona Murals RUTA DE MURALS By Marianne Hill ‘La Ruta de Murales Artísticos de Estepona’ (Estepona’s Route of Artistic Murals) is an incentive implemented by...
Porticos del Cielo (platforms in the sky) Estepona Murals © Michelle Chaplow
Estepona Mural - Porticos del Cielo
Porticos del Cielo Porticos del Cielo (platforms in the sky) is a mural by José Fernández Ríos. This work is of a building with a large window overlooking a forest. This 175 m2 trompe l'oeil plays...
Recuerdos Orientales   (Eastern memories) © Estepona Murals
Estepona Mural - Recuerdos Orientales
Recuerdos Orientales Recuerdos Orientales (Eastern memories) is a 600 m² mural by the hyperrealist artist José Fernández Ríos. It is inspired by Moorish architecture and features elements of...
Freaks Estepona Murals ©
Estepona Mural - Freaks
Freaks Freaks is a mural by artista Rebelzer in Calle Barcelona 16. Rebelzer is from Hamburg was born in 1977 and became an artist in 1995. Rebelezer states that to be an artist signifies the...
Jump into the blue Estepona Murals ©
Estepona Mural - Jump in the blue
Jump in the blue Jump in the Blue is a mural in Pasaje Poetas Andaluces by artist Ann Caz L, the German artist (Anne Marthe Mews) paints a refreshing mural where diverse masculine figures represent...
LLegando a tu destion Estepona Murals ©
Estepona Mural - Llegando a tu destino
Llegando a tu destino Llegando a tu destino (Arriving at your destination) is a mural by DOURONE. The artists are Fabio López (Madrid) and Elodie Arshak (Francia). Their artistic name Dourone was...
La Luna Estepona Murals  ©
Estepona Mural - La Luna
La Luna La Luna (the moon) is a mural by Malaga city artist Dadi Dreucol who studied at the Malaga school of fine arts. Located in Avenida de Andalucía 67. Dadi's works are characterized by the...
‘Fundacion Antonia Guerrero' © Estepona Murals
Estepona Mural - Fundacion Antonia Guerrero
ESTEPONA MURALs - Fundacion Antonia Guerrero By Marianne Hill‘Fundacion Antonia Guerrero' (Antonia Guerrero Foundation) is by Joaquín Fabian Aguilera Diaz and was inaugurated in...
Musas Estepona Murals
Estepona Mural - Musas
Musas Musas (Musings) by of Eduardo Luque Doors, also known as Lalone. This mural is located in Avenida Puerta del Mar. The mural is part of a refined style spray technique. It features elements...
Paraiso Golf  © Estepona Murals
Estepona Mural - Paraiso Golf
Paraiso Golf Paraiso Golf (Golf Paradise) by Manuel León is located in Calle Terraza, 168 (extention of Calle Teraza in Mar y Sierra district). Manuel is an artist who prefers to work in large...
La Imagen Vuelta © Estepona Murals
Estepona Mural - La Imagen Vuelta
La Imagen Vuelta La Imagen Vuelta (The image returns) by Fernando Clemente is located in Avenida Andalucía, 57. Fernando was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1975 and resides in Seville. Founder...
Estepona Mural - Sin Titulo ©
Estepona Mural - Sin Titulo
Sin Titulo (Without title) Untitled Mural by Efrén Calderón from Melilla. Located in Plaza Juanito Valderrama, Camino Padre Cura 6 in the Huerta Nueva district. The artist Efren has spent years in...
Hola Estepona Muras ©
Estepona Mural - Hola
Hola Hola (Hello) by Edmond. Located at Colegio Ramón García on Avenida Juan Carlos I. Edmon was born in Malaga and resides in Estepona. This is the artists first mural. This mural won first prize...
You can find quality home grown ingredients in Manilva © Michelle Chaplow
Málaga Province - Manilva
Manilva One of the most charming aspects of Manilva is that, despite its prime location on the coast, there is a refreshing lack of anonymous sky-scraper construction. Therefore, although tourists...
Quijote en el Guernica Estepona Murals  ©
Estepona Mural - Quijote en el Guernica
Quijote en el Guernica (Quijote in Guernica) Quijote en el Guernica (Quijote in Guernica) is by Curro Leyton and located at Colegio María Espinosa, in Calle Virgendela Cabeza. The 12m by 6m mural...
El Bosque del las Maravillas ©
Estepona Mural - El Bosque de las Maravillas
El Bosque del las Maravillas ( The wonderful forest) El Bosque de las Maravillas ( The wonderful forest) is by Zosen y Mina Hamada and located in upper part of Calle Terraza, 152. The visiting...

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