Living in Andalucía - Public Health System


By Brenda Padilla

Public Health System

In Andalucia the acronym SAS is more likely to conjure up images of healthcare than air travel. It stands for Servicio Andaluz de Salud, or Andalucian Health Service and is run by the regional government.

If you are planning to use public health facilities in southern Spain, our users' guide will help you get to know your rights and responsibilities as well as which services are provided, which ones you are entitled to and how to go about getting your fair share of the healthcare pie.

SAS also provides you with the opportunity to participate in the service by donating blood, registering as an organ donor and providing feedback on the services you receive.

Additionally, the public health service runs a number of very useful information services that can help you with both general and specific questions and health problems, including specific risks related to this region and climate, for example heat stroke.

Click on any of the following topics to learn more about SAS:

Ambulances Choose a Doctor
These are both private and public in Andalucia.
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Learn the steps to choosing a public health doctor.
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Doctors in Andalucia Dentists
Take a look at the big picture.
More >
Find out what is covered and what is not.
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Interpreter Service Making Living Wills
This gives doctors and patients on the spot service.
More >
You can legally register your wishes.
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Organ Donors in Andalucia Organ Transplants
Andalucia has one of the highest levels of organ donor participation in the country. Find out how to obtain an organ donor card.
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The organ Transplant programme in Andalucia is a highly efficient and very professional operation.
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Primary Care Centres Regional Health Services
This is a complete guide to services on offer at local clinics.
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Another big picture is offered in this section.
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Rights and Responsibilities Social Security and Health
All specialties are represented in the private sector.
More >
You will need specific documents to use the public system.
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Waiting Lists  
There are legal limits to how long you have to wait.
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