Living in Andalucía - Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for those living or resident in Andalucía

Changing circumstances in the situation for non-Spanish people living in Spain are worth keeping an eye on, but with the increasing cohesion between European countries this is mainly good news.

As of 2004, it was no longer necessary to apply for a residencia card as a foreigner living in Spain. It is still necessary, however, to register for NIE identification to open a bank account or work in Spain. The same goes for Spain’s tarjeta de seguridad social, the social security card that gives you access to the healthcare system. For Britons, the old E111 travel health form system became redundant in January 2006, and has been replaced by the new EU-wide European Health Insurance Card, which guarantees cover across Europe for those eligible for state health provision here in Spain. It is against medical ethics for a doctor not to treat you should you require treatment, but not all costs will be immediately met, even by the EHIC. Without the EHIC or adequate private health cover, you will be billed for all medical treatment. As with visitors to Spain from other EU countries and outside the Union, travel insurance when travelling out of Spain is advisable, and essential if your circumstances do not make you eligible for state health care in Spain and, therefore, anywhere else under the Europe-wide EHIC system.

Private health insurance, perhaps more commonplace in Spain than other parts of Europe, usually offers travel cover, but you should check your policy when considering travel outside Spain. If you are planning to stay in Spain or settle here, it’s worth investigating which private companies, the large insurer MAPFRE, for example, the BUPA-linked Sanitas, Adeslas, and others, offer the best cover in your area. Most large companies have a wide spread of services and back-up on the Costas, but in interior settlements some offer better cover than others, which can necessitate travel to other towns or cities for treatment. Neighbours, friends and local clinics, and indeed the directory of services published by each company, will give you a good idea of who covers what where, and what support they can offer when you travel outside Spain.

Travel insurance on delays, loss, accident and crime are the same for travel outside Spain as for visitors to Spain from abroad. However, drivers, particularly from the United Kingdom, should check the status of their driver’s licence when driving in mainland Europe, and in or outside Spain the rules applying to driving foreign-registered cars as a resident in Spain, as both may affect insurance cover.