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Living in a foreign country is a wonderful and enriching experience, which requires that you understand the local customs and ways of doing things - these may be considerably different from what you've experienced in your home country.

Insurance is one of the areas which expatriates living in or relocating to Spain will have to consider, and whilst many blue chip international insurers are present in the Spanish market, their policy terms and conditions will often vary from what they offer in other countries.

The ever increasing pool of European expatriates spending long periods of the year in Spain, has led to a specialist insurance market developing to cater for the needs of this group, which among other things offers policies in a variety of languages etc..

A typical expatriate in Spain will probably need to consider buying motor insurance, home insurance, private health insurance, and depending on their hobbies and pastimes, perhaps yacht insurance, golf buggy insurance etc.

The Op de Beeck & Worth Insurance Broking business can trace its roots back to 1977, and is considered to be one of Spain's leading brokers for the expatriate community. With long-standing relationships with Europe's leading insurers, and over 40 years' experience, its brokers can find and recommend the best insurance solution for your needs.