Living in Andalucía - Home Insurance

Home Insurance

You can buy home insurance either from an insurance broker or from your bank. If you are taking out a mortgage from a bank, you might be required to take out a policy from that bank's chosen provider.

Home insurance policies are as sophisticated and complete as they might be in any other developed country. Many will also offer you flexibility when it comes to deciding just how much you wish to cover.

As an example, one basic policy on the local, Costa del Sol market covers:

  • Fires; lightning strikes;
  • Broken windows;
  • Emergency home repairs (all kinds of specialists at your service);
  • Burglary and theft;
  • Damage to decor;
  • Civil liability;
  • Legal defence;
  • Assault and robbery in the street;
  • Loss of frozen food;
  • Breakage of glass ceramic hobs;
  • Flood damage;
  • Replacement of locks and keys in the case of burglary, theft or loss of keys;
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards.

The same company offers a more complete, "all risk" policy that covers virtually anything that could ever happen to or within your home.