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Thomas Channon, 18, fell to his death from balcony at Eden Roc apartment block

A British teenager has become the third tourist within a year to die at the Eden Roc apartment complex in Magaluf, after a fall at the resort.

Thomas Channon, 18, from Rhoose near Barry in Wales, fell 21 metres (70ft) at the party resort. Channon was visiting the Spanish island to celebrate the end of his A-levels.

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Twenty years after the end of the Spanish Civil War, photographer Michael Peto travelled around Spain with writer Nora Beloff for a three part series in the Observer looking at different aspects of life under General Franco and the future for the country.

One of Spain’s principal attractions to it’s millions of visitors from industrial Northern Europe - besides sunshine and cheap services - is the archaism of the countryside.

You can drive for hundreds of miles and, apart from a patchy and uncertain tarmac under your tyres, there is nothing to remind you of the twentieth century: no poles or pylons, no petrol stations or electric pumps, just the peasants and their children in floppy hats and dateless clothes, women carrying pitchers on their heads and the two commonest landmarks, the donkey and the Cross.

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Thomas Channon is believed to have travelled with friends to celebrate finishing A-levels

A British teenager has died after falling from a balcony in Mallorca.

He has been named locally as 18-year-old Thomas Channon, from Rhoose, Barry, in Wales.

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I’d just written about holiday money but hadn’t reckoned on the gangs that target tourists

It happened within an hour of arriving at Barcelona airport – and just a day after I had filed a piece on holiday money for these pages. What I hadn’t reckoned on was the organised gangs that are out to target tourists, particularly, it has to be said, in Spain. And how, with just a few simple steps, I could have protected myself (and my money).

This is what you’re supposed to do before you go abroad:

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Wholesale prices soar by more than 30% and farmers have to renegotiate with supermarkets

Lettuce is being flown in from the US, and imported from Spain and Poland as soaring temperatures increase demand but hit crops in the UK.

The cargo carrier IAG Cargo said it had flown 30,000 heads of lettuce from Los Angeles to the UK in the past week alone.

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Former Catalan leader could be extradited over misuse of public funds but not rebellion

Germany would only extradite the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to Spain on a charge of misuse of public funds, not the more serious charge of rebellion, a court has ruled.

The separatist leader was held on a European arrest warrant in March while crossing into northern Germany on the way to Brussels, where he was living in self-imposed exile.

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Planned census of civil war and dictatorship victims aims to help families trace relatives

Spain’s new government has announced plans to establish a truth commission to investigate crimes against humanity committed by the regime of the former military dictator Francisco Franco, more than 40 years after his death.

Under a new law of historical memory, the criminal records of those convicted for opposing the regime will be wiped and organisations that venerate the memory of the dictator, such as the Fundación Francisco Franco, will also be outlawed.

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Exclusive: Quim Torra insists there is consensus for fresh referendum during SNP visit

The new president of Catalonia, Quim Torra, has insisted he has a strong mandate to push for another independence referendum, as he visited Scotland for a meeting with the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Despite a recent poll in the Catalan newspaper El Periódico, which showed only 21.5% of Catalans want an independent republic, with 62% in favour of increased self-government, Torra told the Guardian: “These surveys also always show 80% say that this should be solved by voting, so there is a consensus.

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Bemusement, froideur and alarm over what turmoil could mean for Brexit negotiations

Monday’s flurry of resignations from Theresa May’s cabinet is causing consternation and frustration around European capitals, with politicians and commentators expressing concerns that chaos in Westminster will paralyse Brexit negotiations and accelerate Britain’s departure from the geopolitical stage.

The prospect of further disarray would more likely cause consternation than schadenfreude in Berlin, said Josef Janning, who heads the Berlin office of the European council on foreign relations. Although that sentiment did not extend to the recently departed foreign secretary, Boris Johnson.

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Mensajes que me llegan:

BRITAIN is now officially a banana republic with constant sunshine, collapsing government, depreciation currency and a good football team.

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Madrid’s annual photography festival is a riot of fun and fantasy, with vintage circus acts, people pretending to be potatoes and Samuel Fosso’s sardonic take on classic images

PhotoEspaña, the annual photography festival that takes over Madrid, is this year infused with the spirit of playfulness. Of the 90 exhibitions that fill the city’s museums and cultural spaces, five core shows have been selected and curated by the photographer Cristina de Middel, best known for her Afronaughts series, a playful reimagining of Zambia’s short-lived 1960s space mission. In Middel’s world, play isn’t a time-wasting, puerile distraction but an essential part of creativity. It is an invitation to stop and think differently.

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Fraud agency finds some firms tried to trick consumers with pictures of fictitious castles

Millions of bottles of French rosé have been found to contain a less expensive Spanish version.

France’s consumer fraud agency confirmed on Monday that 70,000 hectolitres – the equivalent of 10m bottles – of Spanish rosé were falsely labelled as French vintages by hundreds of producers in 2016 and 2017.

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Teenager pulled from swimming pool thought to have suffered cardiac arrest

A British teenager has died on holiday in Ibiza.

The 19-year-old man was pulled from a swimming pool in the early hours of Sunday, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Leader of pro-unity party accuses Spanish PM of ‘being mortgaged’ to separatists

Spain’s new Socialist prime minister is due to meet the hardline nationalist president of Catalonia on Monday amid warnings that Madrid must defend national unity and avoid making any concessions to the separatists who have triggered the country’s most serious political crisis since its return to democracy 40 years ago.

Pedro Sánchez, who took office at the beginning of June after ousting Mariano Rajoy through a no-confidence vote, has shown a more conciliatory approach to the Catalan controversy than his conservative predecessor and has sought to reduce tensions.

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At least one of the injured was gored by a bull’s horn during event in northern Spanish city

Five people have been injured at the traditional running of the bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain, with at least one man gored by a bull’s horns, officials say.

Among those receiving medical treatment was a 20-year-old Canadian man with mild traumatic injuries, the officials from the Navarra regional government said.

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City council has extensive police patrols and app to allow anyone to report an assault

The rocket that heralds the beginning of the Sanfermines – Pamplona’s bull-running fiesta – will not be fired for another two hours but already the Plaza Consistorial is three quarters full of families in red and white, tourists in pirate tricorns and teenagers mixing their 10am aperitivos of cola and rough red wine.

Locals are clumped outside bars while police holding submachine guns and riot helmets keep an eye on the hordes necking sangria close to a patch of purple graffiti that reads: “We’re going to burn the heteropatriarchy.”

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Severe disruption expected as staff from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium escalate dispute

Ryanair cabin crew from four European countries will go on strike this month, in an escalation of the airline’s labour dispute that is likely to cause severe disruption to flights to popular holiday destinations.

Cabin and ground crew from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium have agreed to stage a walkout on 25 and 26 July, saying Ryanair has failed to address a list of demands presented to the company in a “crew charter” this week.

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Report claims Sandro Rosell admitted in phone calls purchasing organ illegally

FC Barcelona has emphatically denied reports that its former president, Sandro Rosell, illegally bought a liver for the French defender Éric Abidal six years ago.

On Wednesday the online Spanish newspaper El Confidencial claimed that phone calls intercepted by police showed Rosell implicitly admitting that he had “bought an illegal liver” for the player, who was found to have a tumour on his liver in 2011.

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As the mayors of London and Barcelona, we see an emergency coming. The way housing works must be changed

For a number of years, cities around the world have been facing increasingly global and aggressive speculation in their property markets – from speculators who see housing in our cities as an asset from which to profit, rather than homes for the people we represent.

In many cases, speculators take decisions from thousands of miles away. Yet for us their impact on the life and soul of our cities is very close to home. Our city centres risk being hollowed out as vibrant communities are displaced, local shops are closed, and the cost of housing rises exorbitantly.

Cities are not simply a collection of buildings, streets and squares. They are also the sum of their people

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Happy scenes in Valencia have been followed by relentless task of coping with new arrivals

When it finally crawled into Valencia on a hot Sunday morning two weeks ago, the Aquarius rescue ship and the 630 people it had pulled from the waters off the Libyan coast were met by 400 interpreters, almost 2,000 Red Cross workers and a huge banner reading: “Welcome home” in five languages.

Also there, drawn by the latest irresistible visual metaphor for Europe’s migration crisis, were hundreds of journalists from across the continent and beyond. Word had it there was at least one member of the media for each of the rescued people.

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Workers opposing wage cuts want booking websites to use their seal of approval

Booking platforms such as Tripadvisor face growing pressure to reveal the employment practices of the Spanish hotels they promote, as a cleaners’ activist group launches a name and shame campaign aimed at rooting out exploitation in the tourism industry.

The campaign has been launched by the Barcelona branch of Las Kellys, a play on las que limpian (those who clean), a nationwide group of hotel cleaners who are fighting against outsourcing which has led to working conditions that in many cases have been described as virtual slavery.

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