Chris Chaplow greets Prince Felipe

Chris Chaplow Greets Prince Felipe

Chris Chaplow, Director of and Andalucia Web Solutions, welcomed Spain’s Crown Prince, along with other members of the governing council of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, to the Centenary Awards Ceremony in Barcelona. In his speech, His Royal Highness applauded British investment in Spain over the last 100 years.

How to Advertise on the Internet

By Chris Chaplow

How do you know which ads are really working for you? This is the beauty of the Internet, which lets you track the buyer’s interest in each individual advert. Here are a few tips to get started with your next campaign.

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World Travel Market at the World Travel Market 2008

Our representative at this year’s World Travel Market in London was William Eaton who was on the lookout for new products and services to offer through He noted growing trends in mobile technology and Internet tools to search for last minute hotels, restaurants and other information.

Designers Corner

Jumpstart Your Website

By Stacy Prendeville

So you want to create a new website! How about a few tips?

When you approach a company like Andalucia Web Solutions to develop your site, bring brochures, a logo and a list of potential domain names (web addresses) you would like for your site.

Next, map out the content. Think of a pyramid. Your home page is at the top; at the next level are the pages that link directly from your home page. Under that second level, are third level pages that link from your second level and so on. Describe the information at each level and on each page. This map will help you communicate with your designer.

Next consider special features. These could include e-commerce, forums, chat rooms, presentations, videos, music and advertising. At this stage it’s good to surf the web for ideas. Take note of your favorite sites to show your designer.

The time it takes to build your site from start to finish depends on the complexity of each project, but following these steps can create a shortcut. However, should you need assistance with any of the above steps, our professionals are happy to guide you.

Designers Corner

It's Christmas at

This month on our home page: check out the best Spanish Christmas festivals, meet Diana Navarro, a premiere Andalusian voice that has conquered Spanish album charts and discover a great gift idea with Janet Mendel’s latest tempting tapa recipe book “A Bite of Spain”, complete with mouth watering photography by Michelle Chaplow. Click here for more

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