Drupal Con


By Stacy Prendeville

Stacy Prendeville, our Head of Design attended this years European DrupalCon in Szeged. Drupal provides exciting new software that allows web designers to build websites that users can maintain themselves.

The European DrupalCon took place this year in Szeged, Hungary from August 27th to the 31st and featured a fantastic assortment of sessions for both programmers and end users.

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Hiring made Simpler with Psychometric Testing

By Brenda Padilla

Choosing the ideal person for each job is a challenge every employer faces. Specialists in human resources know that psychometric testing can provide much more information about a candidate’s personality and abilities than a simple interview.

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SEO Talk for the British Chamber of Commerce

Get your Website to the Top of the Charts!

Those wishing to learn how to get their web sites to the top of the search engine lists will have a perfect opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge on October 14th at the Costa del Sol’s Tamisa Golf with expert Carlo Piran. 

Carlo is head of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at Andalucia Web Solutions and Andalucia.com and will be giving a talk to the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

Those wishing to attend this event should contact Andalucia.com on info@andalucia.com.
Lunch and business conferences are 35 euros for BCCS members and 40 euros for non-members.

Designers Corner

Your website in Chinese, Russian or Arabic!

By Stacy Prendeville

Your website in Chinese, Russian or Arabic! This is now possible through Andalucia Web Solutions. Get in touch with a member of the sales team now to discuss how you can make your website available to the Arabic, Chinese and Russian markets!

Choosing Fonts

Regardless of the language you choose for your site, fonts are an essential part of design. Selecting the right font for corporate branding is not such an easy task. After all typefaces communicate to your audience your business philosophies - the choice of font is almost as important as the text itself.

In the world of fonts the first choice is between Serif, or old style, and Sans Serif, or new style. Serif fonts are typefaces such as Times New Roman or Garamond; they can be identified by the curves and ticks at the end of the letters and are favoured by newspapers where they increase legibility. Sans means “without”, thus Sans Serif fonts lack any kind of non-structural detail giving us scripts like Verdana or Tahoma. These are favoured on the web for text at small sizes – again for legibility reasons.

In the world of web, fonts that are used to display large amounts of text are best rendered by “system fonts”, essentially those supplied alongside the operating systems and software you have purchased, these will display at high speeds and are guaranteed to work across all browsers. For logos (generally displayed via images) the choice of fonts is endless, so work closely with your designer, who can help you find the perfect font that provides a look and feel that fits with your company ethos.

This is now possible through Andalucia Web Solutions. Please contact a member of the sales team now to discuss how you can make your website available to the Arabic, Chinese and Russian markets just like our client La Zagaleta.com!

Designers Corner

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