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Hand made rugs from Albox

Hand made rugs from Albox


Located between the better known towns of Baza and Huercal, the small town of Albox is flanked by the Sierra de las Estancias and the Sierra de los Filabres mountain ranges amidst stunning countryside of olive groves, orchards of citrus trees and dramatic hills and valleys. Several rivers and streams flow close to the town, including the rivers Almanzara and Albanchez which contribute to the area's rich agricultural heritage.

Albox is a typical white-washed village with narrow streets interspersed with small plazas. Despite its unspoilt charm, the town is not yet on the coach tour circuit, even being less than an hour's drive from the popular coastal resort of Mojácar.


Founded by the Arabs during the Muslim occupation of Spain, Albox has remains dating back to the Neolithic times, proof of the existence of humanity thousands of years ago.

On the interior of the Santa María Church, built in the 18th Century, has the remains of an altarpiece made by Alonso Cano, a Spanish painter, architect and sculptor. The sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Saliente, which commemorates a supernatural appearance of the Virgin Mary which took place in the 12th Century, is a special attraction for visitors to the town.

The religious buildings end with the San Antonio Chapel, built in the 17th Century. Among the architecture of muslim origin in the town is the Tower and Reservoir of the Alhambra, still in use today. Last stop on the tourist route is the Tower of Terdiguera and the Cerro del Castillo.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & crafts activities in the town are scarce, although there are some people who do pottery, making plates and vases. Others work with looms making carpets and rugs and some even offer classes to young people.


The gastronomy in Albox is perfect for those who enjoy a tasty and varied meal. Among the characteristic dishes of the town is ´migas´ (fried breadcrumbs with a mix of vegetables and meat), choto a lo pastoral (goats meat), Puchero stew, ´trigo guisado´, ´fritada de sangre´, egg soup, gurullo pasta, remojón (cod and orange salad with olives and egg), meat balls and Easter pie.

Among the desserts and sweets on offer, the liquor doughnuts (roscos de aguardiente), orange doughnuts, almond cake and ´suspiros´ are the most customary in this town.


The period of celebrations in the town start in May, in particular on 5th, when the Virgen de Saliente, goes on a procession from her sanctuary to the town in order to celebrate her apparition more than 700 years ago.

As followers of the Ten Commandments, the local people of Albox organise a pilgrimage on 8th of September to visit the Virgin Mary. In the month of October they celebrate the ´fiestas de la Loma´ and, going into November, the Feria and Fiestas of Los Santos.


Albo xis located about 123 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where it´s possible to take the Rambla de Belén, continuing along the A-7 towards Granada and taking exit number 547 towards Albox. Once there, continue along the A-334 motorway and you will arrive at your destination.

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