Almeria Province - Alcóntar


It´s in the town of Alcóntar that the Almanzora river starts. This geographical feature makes for one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes in the area, but just one of the many attractions that this Almerian town has to offer. 

The main economic activities of the town are the production of almonds, the making of cold meats and the drying of ham.

In the parish church of the town, built in 1820, you can see a very impressive and realistic figure of Christ that, by legend, is meant to shrink the hearts of the believers who stare at it.

The town hall is situated in the Plaza de Alcóntar, a central square where every street in the town meets and a place where the local residents spend their free time. The town also benefits from a natural water spring of great quality.

Arts & Crafts

Among the arts and crafts products on offer you can find locally produced honey, embroideries and straw work, including baskets and espadrilles.


One of the biggest attractions of the town is its gastronomy. The local dishes, made with top quality ingredients, never fail to please both residents and tourists. Thus, anyone who wants can try a delicious ´white stew´, garlic soup, wheat stew, special pork crackling, lamb leg casserole and Easter pie.


Fiesta day in Alcóntar falls on 15 August. In addition to this, during the first week of October the fair and festival of the Virgen del Rosario is celebrated.

How To Get There

Alcóntar is 187 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where one can take the Rambla de Belén, continuing on the A-7 and taking exit number 453 towards Granada. From here, continue on the A-92 and follow the directions for exit 294 towards Murcia in order to link onto the A-92N. Once you´re on the A-334, carry on to the ALP-411 and take the street called Carretera which will take you to your destination.

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