Almería Province - Almería Alpujarra


Alboloduy Alcolea
The village of Alboloduy is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park. The village of Alcolea is popular with hikers, and is surrounded by olive groves.
Alhabia Alhama de Almería
Alhabia is located at the confluence of the river Nacimiento and the river Andarax, in a fertile valley. Alhama de Almería is home to the famous Balneario de San Nicolás with its hot springs open all year round.
Alicún Almócita
Alicún is surrounded by orchards, and its Muslim origins are evident in the layout of the village centre. Almócita has a typically alpujarra village centre, with narrow, snaking streets flanked by white houses.

Alsodux Bayarcal
Alsodux is a typically alpujarreno village whose economy is based on agriculture. Bayarcal is the highest village in Almería province, and residents claim it has the purest air in Europe.

Beires Bentarique
Beires is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park and is perfect for nature lovers. Residents of this village continue to use the aqueducts first established by the Muslims.

Berja Canjáyar
Berja has a wealth of artistic and historical heritage with various monuments to visit, including Arabic thermal baths. Canjáyar is found at the foot of Sierra Nevada, surrounded by orchards.
Dalías Fondón
Dalías had already been settled by man in the Bronze Age, and remains from this period have been discovered in the village. It was in a castle here that Boabdil, the last King of Andalucía, hid after losing his throne to the Christians.
Huécija Íllar
Huécija has a typically white village centre, and the Convento de los Agustinos is the most impressive building. Íllar is a predominantly agricultural village with a a focus on citrus fruits.
Institución Láujar de Andarax
Institución is located on the left bank of the Andarax river, and the village has many stately homes worth visiting. Facing the arid Sierra de Gádor in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Láujar de Andarax occupies a hillside position at 920m.
Ohanes Padules
Ohanes was chosen as their place of residence by the Catholic monarchs. Visitors to Padules should not leave without tasting the rosé wine made here to a traditional recipe.
Paterna del Río Rágol
In the outskirts of Paterna del Río are the Baños de Santiago, thermal waters which are said to have health benefits. Ragol is found on the banks of the River Andarax,and is famous for its grapes and raisins.
Santa Cruz de Marchena Terque
Santa Cruz de Marchena is a typical white village, surrounded by orange trees and grape vines. In Terque visitors can see the estates of the bourgeois who arrived for the mining of the Sierra de Gádor.