Almeria Province - Armuña de Almanzora

Armuña de Almanzora

This village once had an impressive castle, however nowadays only the ruins remain on the outskirts of the village centre. Amongst the whitewashed houses stands the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, a 16th century church definitely worth seeing.

The local economy of Armuña de Almanzora originally depended on the cultivation of wheat, legumes, beetroot, grapes and olive oil. Nowadays, although the locals still live off the land, it´s the peaches and apricots that keep the local economy of this Almerian town going.

The parish Church of Our Lady of Rosario, built in 16th Century, is one of the main attractions of the town, from where there is a procession every year on the day of Corpus Christi. There is also an old castle which completes the architectural heritage of Armuña de Almanzora.


Accommodation and hotels in Armuña de Almanzora are few and far between. There is a hotel centrally located hotel in town (shown below), and more accommodation in the neighbouring towns of Serón, Laroya and Olula Del Río. These are often country houses, villas or apartments rented out on a short-term basis. 

Hotel Spa Armuña OasisHotel Spa Armuña Oasis

Hotel Spa Armuña Oasis offers a fitness centre, a spa, a sun terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and a restaurant serving traditional Mediterranean food. There is also a 24-hour reception, café and bar with a sun terrace.



The gastronomy of Armuña de Almanzora incorporates typical Andalusian dishes such as chickpea soup, garlic soup, corn stew, special ´gachas´ soup, lamb leg stew and Easter pie. Having said this, you must not forget the delicious locally produced peaches and apricots that are produced in the vicinity of the Comarca of Almanzora.


One of the fiestas in Armuña de Almanzora is the Corpus Christi procession, where a pyx (a small round container used in the Catholic, Old Catholic and Anglican Churches to carry the consecrated host (Eucharist), to the sick or those otherwise unable to come to a church in order to receive Holy Communion) is passed through the streets of the town that is home to the parish church of Our Lady of Rosario.

The 2nd February, day of the Candelaria, is a special day in the town which celebrates water. They prepare meats that are shared among the participants of the fiesta. In addition, a mass and procession is organised, during which the neighbours throw doughnuts and biscuits from their balconies to the people in the street.

On the 25th April, day of San Marcos, it is traditional of the local families to go and eat in the fields. An open-air dance is organised during the first weekend of August around the Virgin of Rosario, patron of the town, proceeded by a week of cultural activities and sports. The 7th October is the day of the Virgin of Rosario and is celebrated with a mass and procession.

How To Get There

Armuña de Almanzora is situated 98 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where it is possible to take the A-7 dual carriageway, taking exit number 453 towards Granada. Once you are at this point, continue on the A-92 and then take exit 376 towards Tabernas. From there, continue along the motorway A-349 in order to link onto the A-334 motorway and follow for the street of las Eras which will take you to your destination.